Becky’s Story

We recently celebrated Archie’s 1st birthday and one year milestone of Breastfeeding!
I just wanted to take some time to thank you and the team for helping my family through a difficult time and changing my relationship with my baby boy. Looking back at the first few months of Breastfeeding Archie I didn’t think we could last another day, let alone over a year!

As you may remember, we got off to a difficult start following a C-section delivery and Archie wouldn’t latch in the hospital so I had to start using nipple shields when he was 5 days old. At 6 weeks old we reached out for your help and he was diagnosed with a posterior Tongue-tie. I was really struggling to feed my baby, getting different advice from health professionals, and felt anxious and hesitant to get the Tongue-tie released. Fortunately, you eased my fears, listened to my situation and introduced me to other mums in the same position. This helped me to make the decision that changed our lives. Following the procedure, we persevered and within a week or two Archie was feeding without nipple shields.

I have since done the NCT Breastfeeding peer consultant course and hope to help other mums through their Breastfeeding journey. I’m no expert but I realise that having someone listen and understand your story can make such a difference when you are a new mum trying to feed your baby. I will certainly be recommending your services!

My Breastfeeding experience with Archie has been amazing with highs and lows. We have such an intimate bond and I have learnt to listen to him and understand his behaviours through feeding. I have recently returned to work for 3 days and my milk supply is still holding up. My situation now is when will my little boy want to quit 🙂

We are eternally grateful

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