Baby having difficulty adjusting to a new way of feeding

If your baby is finding it hard to adjust to the new way of feeding, here are some tips:

  • Give the bottle at the end of feed when baby is sleepy
  • Dip the teat in the breast milk
  • Trial different types of teats available
  • Warm the teat and milk, avoid using a microwave, using your own body heat is best, put the bottle inside your top!
  • Some babies may need to use a nipple shield for a few days to transition from breast to bottle
  • Give the baby a bottle whilst in a sling
  • Try a cup, or supplemental nursing system
  • Offer the bottle whilst baby is in their usual Breastfeeding position
  • Try a bottle that is soft and can be squeezed to simulate let down
  • Disguise the bottle by wrapping it in muslin

For more information on feeding your baby from a feeding device, read Katherine’s complete guide Your breast fed baby and expressed breast milk

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