Katherine Fisher IBCLC CPD record since 2015

Katherine Fisher has been in continuous registration (L-16969) as an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant since 1995. Re-registration is required every 5 years either by examination or by accumulation of CERPs, Continuing Education Recertification Points. 75 points are required 1 hours equals 1 CERP.  50 Lactation- L CERPS, 5 Ethics E-CERPS, and 20 CERPS from any other subject relating to Lactation Consultant’s profession are required.

Katherine Fisher IBCLC CPD record since 2015

  1. Paediatric Immediate Life Support 9.12.2015 Kings College Hospital 3 hours, Update training 2018 I hour
  2. Differential diagnosis for Breastfeeding associated pain ILCA December 2016 1 L CERP
  3. Ethics in Lactation Practice ILCA December 2016 1 E CERP
  4. Maternal and breast pump factors ILCA December 2016 1 L CERP
  5. Container Type and Bacterial Activity of Human Milk ILCA January 2017 1 L CERP
  6. New-born behavioural observations NBO training. The Royal Society of Medicine 2 days April 2018 11 CPD points
  7. NG75 NICE Guidance points on Faltering Growth, what is there to know for the milk fed baby 1.5 L CERP
  8. Vitamin D in Pregnancy and Children Internis September 2018 1 CERP
  9. Early life nutrition masterclass from pregnancy to early childhood, Kings College, London 1.11.2018 6 CPD points.
  10. Children emergency care workshop, Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Trust December 2018 2 CPD points.
  11. Breastfeeding support on the night shift ILCA January 2019 1 L CERP
  12. Kings College London, Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness January 2019 6 CPD points
  13. Case studies on the referral of infants for body work ILCA February 2019 1 L CERP
  14. Primal caregiving ILCA February 2019 1 L CERP 
  15. Non-prescription drugs and lactation, ILCA February 2019 1 L CERP
  16. Lactation and Palliative care, why and how to provide lactation support during serious illness or before an anticipated death. ILCA February 2019 1 L CERP
  17. Ethics of Early Life Care ILCA February 2019 1 E CERP
  18. Controversies in Breastfeeding Promotion. Lactation Education Resources March 2019 1 E CERP
  19. Legal and Ethical concerns for the Lactation Consultant.  Lactation Education Resources March 2019 1 E CERP. 
  20. Royal Society of Medicine, Basic life support and safeguarding children level 3. 12.2.2020
  21. Royal Society of Medicine Folic fortification and preconception care: Why? How much? When? 25.2.2020
  22. Royal Society of Medicine 10.5.2023
  23. Royal College of Surgeons 22.7.2023
  24. Mandatory Training; Basic life support, anaphylaxis, safeguarding level 3. 3 CPD points
  25. Surgical skills for students and health professionals. 6 CPD points.
  26. 10.10.2023 The Lullaby Trust. SIDS and safer sleep for babies.

Katherine Fisher Conferences attended since 2015

Katherine Fisher teaching/speaking engagements since 2015

  1. Oslo Norway University of Oslo Hospital, Tongue-tie assessment, Treatment and aftercare September 20161 hour
  2. Stavanger, Norway, St Svithun’s Hospital 16/19.1.2017 15 hours
  3. The Norwegian Tongue-tie project, International Collaborator 2016/2018
  4. Royal Society of Medicine 5.3.2018 Infant feeding: policies, politics and best practice. Talk 20 mins The Norwegian Tongue tie Project ½ CERP
  5. Merton Infant feeding and Weight Management Team March 2018 Assessment, treatment of Tongue-tie, and post-surgical care. 2 hours
  6. Best Start breastfeeding team, New Addington, Croydon, Surrey. September 2018 Assessment/treatment of Tongue-tie and post Frenulotomy care  4 hours
  7. February 2018 Copenhagen Post Frenulotomy care Active wound management AWM) 30mins ½ CERP. The Norwegian Tongue -tie project 30mins ½ CERP
  8. Webinar 14.7.2018 Post Frenulotomy Active Wound Management (AWM) 90 mins 1.5 L-CERP

Poster presentations.

  1. Tongue-tie What to do? Fisher/Palade/Patel 2016 
  2. Relationship between Tongue tie and gastroesophageal reflux disease. The Experience of our centre. Raptis S, Fisher K, Patel S 2016
  3. Revision Frenulotomy after Tongue tie. Owusu-Ankomah R, Fisher K, Patel S 2017


  1. Infant Journal September 2016; 12:166-67 and MIDIRS 26.1.2016 Article Common Misconceptions about Tongue tie.
  2. Infant Journal Volume 13 Issue 3 2017 Article Tongue-tie: appropriately qualified and trained staff are essential.
  3. Website downloads; Breastmilk and your Breastfed Baby, Tongue tie, and Katherine Fisher’s Problem Free Feed.


  Katherine has provided and continues to provide internship/mentoring clinical experience to  Lactation Consultant trainees, midwives and doctors.