Natalia’s Story

Thank you so much for taking the time to see us today. You really have revolutionised the way I was thinking about Breastfeeding and how I will go forward with feeding Matthew. I have been so stressed this week having received so much contradictory and overly detailed (and wrong!) information that I was really struggling. Meeting you today, paying attention to what you said and showed me and reading your Problem Free Feed sheet has brought home that it is not rocket science that needs strict times with log books and pumps etc but in fact it is really rather simple if you are guided by what the baby needs physiologically. The way to get the right attachment is finally straightforward and I now know immediately whether its right or wrong and invariably its right – I was spending ages before latching him on and taking him off to “get it right” and no wonder I was frustrating the hell out of him. I can finally “read” him properly now, I understand when he’s actually hungry rather than guessing that he’s constantly hungry and I’m giving him each breast at the right time in the right way.

Today has been a new day – easy attachment (I’m being very vigilant until it becomes second nature), far better feeding, good nap times, incredible winding technique and I know tonight that I can relax and let him wake me when he’s ready for another a feed rather than sleeping with one eye open on the clock!

I can’t thank you enough and I will be giving your cards out to everyone I know!

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