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For additional information and tips on Breastfeeding and Tongue-tie, please download these useful guides or watch my videos. You can also contact me anytime between 8am and 7pm 7 days a week for free telephone advice or to book a consultation.

The problem free feed is a Breastfeeding method that dispels myths and conflicting information you may have been given, it should help you attain a clear beginning and end to your feeds, with some time in-between. The method has evolved through my work with thousands of families, and draws on the anatomical and physiological aspects of Breastfeeding, bringing together a natural method that really makes a difference.

“This amazing information should be standard issue for every mother on leaving the hospital, this saved our sanity and helped us breastfeed our baby without worry”  Amy

The Tongue-tie guide will inform you about what a Tongue-tie is and how to spot one. I explain about treatment options for tongue tied babies, the benefits and risks involved with Tongue-tie release, and give advice about care of your baby post procedure.

“Katherine really knows her stuff, clear, authoritive and reassuring, we felt well informed and able to make an informed choice about our son’s treatment”  Muna

The breast fed baby and expressed breast milk guide is a summary of my experience in helping you to provide your baby with expressed breast milk should you wish to. Topics covered include how to express your milk, maintaining your milk supply, how much expressed milk to offer your baby and tips on which method to use to feed your baby your milk. This download also includes links to useful resources that will help you to get the best from expressing and storing your milk.

“Great photos, very easy to understand, especially helpful when we needed to fingerfeed our baby”  Sophie

Guide to Finger Feeding

Why chose to finger feed? 

Finger feeding is an alternative method to feed a baby, that simulates breastfeeding better than an artificial teat.

There are many benefits including:

  • Active tongue & jaw movement
  • Strength & effort needed Baby controls milk flow to feed
  • Particularly helpful post-frenulotomy to minimise risk of recument scar
  • Breastfeeding and Tongue-tie Videos

To find out more about finger feeding  Click our guide to finger feeding.

My approach to helping you and your baby have a positive Breastfeeding experience.

Breastfeeding Top Tips Video 1

Breastfeeding Top Tips Video 2

Check my video to watch the tongue tie frenulotomy, posterior tongue procedure.  

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